Our company, wich commenced its commercial activities with local tour sales, has been in service since 1995. To adapt our company to the rapid development in tourism sector, we have been in cooperatian with the tour operators andhotels enjoying a well-deserved reputation in the international tourism sector, by the hep of  young brain team. In 2004, we moved into our own building as the central Office in Fethiye/Hisarönü.

We have been a company in demand in Agean and Mediterranean destinations with our continously renewed fleet and as a company holding all necessary highway certificates and standarts while offering its services by the help of a professional staff.

We have realized 100 % of our operations by our own assets since 2006.

Today, we have reached a well-established effinciency(*) in comparison with both domestic and foreign companies, with our capasity of 185.000 guests (service and trasportation).

* The current economic crisis throughout the World and Turkey, has  resulted in an unfair competition. Those who aim at just saving the day, by disregarding quality principle and without considering the financial costs, risk property and life safety in tourism and transportation sectors. This danger will reveal itself more and more in near future. We now effort to keep our everlasting service quality, despite all these negative circumstances.